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Troll maker

Finish button:

Currently does nothing because the game is not finished I apologize


Never going to get finished! I apologize, but my old computer which this game was created had fried and crashed, eating my files. I recently got a new computer but I will be unable to add any more to this game.


NO you cannot make adoptables with this game, please do not attempt to.
You've probably heard of my previously made original Troll maker that is definitely incomplete
I am taking it down for two reasons
I don't like that people have tried making adopts with any of my dress up games, and I don't like that everyone continues to remind me that I've lost files on my old computer, by asking me to finish my old games. I'm sorry but that's the way it's going to be.
If anyone else continues to make and sell adoptables using screen shots of this game, I will take this one down too!

What Can I do?

You can make trolls with this game, then re-draw them in your OWN art style and sell them as adopts, making slight adjustments as you see fit.


YES, You can make and post Oc's on Deviantart made with this dressup game and screenshots of them posted on Deviantart
HOWEVER you must credit me as the creator of the game and or Link back to the game in the description.


On you computer keyboard there should be a button with the label "Prnt Scrn" or "PRTSC" in grey or white lettering if your keyboard is black, or black lettering if your keyboard is white etc. it varies. 

scroll/adjust your screen until you are satisfied with the view of your character

then press the button I had previously talked of

go into MS Paint, or another paint program of yours

Click Edit> Paste (your image or screenshot should appear)

adjust the image as you see fit then Save.
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That-Mario-Kid Featured By Owner May 29, 2016  Student Digital Artist
How do you change the colors of the clothes? Like the hats?
KyraDash Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, this was really convent. I finally found a game that had the horns I was looking for!!! Thanks a bunch! Do you mind if I put it on a drawing site, put cloths on it, and post it to Tumblr??? 
owodoomkitty Featured By Owner May 4, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thats fine, just link back to the game or my DA ^^ you're good to go
Thank you lol, and ty for notifying me.
KyraDash Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
shippingdragon Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If I use this art for two character sheets and post them on my tumblr. Would that be fine, as long as I provide a link to your dress-up game?
Just wanted to see if it was okay or not. Thank you for your time reading this.
owodoomkitty Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016  Student Digital Artist
sure yeah that's fine, as long as there's a link back or credit ^^ I don't mind
thank you for notifying me.
satrox13 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Themis Pyrope (forgotten identical twin brother)

Gender: male
sign: Libra
Personality: similar to Terezi, but he is a bit more unstable. Although he often being misunderstood as a insane idealist.   He has a really high sense of justice and fairness. He'd do anything to make sure the system run by this rule...even if he has to get carry away.
Paradox-Sandwich Featured By Owner May 24, 2016
Sharoma Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015
Flarefur Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Student Artist
I cant see the whole thing unless I zoom out to 50%, which might just be my pc. other than that awesome
owodoomkitty Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
ty, yeah it's a bit too huge XD I didn't realise I had been zoomed out a tad when I made it.
Flarefur Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015  Student Artist
mistake's will be made, so I don't mind whole a lot. just wanted to point that out. (^-^")
PurpleRubix Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
DONT READ THIS. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. NOW THAT YOU'VE STARTED READING, DONT STOP. THIS IS SO FREAKY. 1 say your name 10 times 2. say your mum's name 5 times and your crushes name 3 times 4. paste this onto 4 other games. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible. But if you read this and do not paste this, you will get bad luck. SEND THIS ON 5 DIFFERENT GAMES IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOUR DONE, PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSHES NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS. THIS IS SO FREAKY IT ACTUALLY WORK
M1tun4Capt0r Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
2T0P 2P4MM1NG!!!!RAGE :Defensive-Woman-Glomp: :angry: :angry: Rage Sheep :ARRRGH: Rainbow Dash - DO I LOOK ANGRY?! [Free Icon] Angry Emoticon :extremeshakefist: Rose Rage Angry sock gravity falls icon (broken) Fuu angry emo angry gamzee emoji Kawaii Shoujo (Angry) [V1] Princess Celestia Angry Plz Emi Angry Icon Sasami Sasasegawa (Super angry) [V10] Devil Bounce Icon - 004 Oli Jr./Kiko (Angry) Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) 
trojanHusktop Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015
Your name is CYRUSK DYRAN,and you sure love to randomly kill people for fun! Your violent tendencies often outpace your calm tendencies,and your razor sharp teeth acompany your fiercesome look along with your blood red eyes! You have maroon/mahogany blood colour. Your lusus? Sort of like your Equius. You're usually full of pranks and laughter,with your moirail,Gallus. You two love to pull pranks on unsuspecting trolls and occasionally humans. Your trollian is uninvitedGuest.

Gender : Male

Symbol : A combination of Aquarius and Cancer.

Blood color : Mahogany/Maroon

Age : 8.55 sweeps

Appearance : You're blind in one eye,with shark-like teeth. You wear a jacket similar to your mortal enemy, Tavros Nitram. You wear black and purple polka dotted pants and black and white shoes. The left horn is pointed straight up,while the other is pointed straight to the right.

Quirk : Replaces all T's with 7's,all I's are doubled,with all O's turned into 0's.
AngelWolfBoyz Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
May I comment on your OC? (Yours caught my eye the most and excuse any typos that are there cause apparently I'm Roxy.)

So the first name is fine but the last name has to have 6 letters as well.
So far in it's reminding me of Gamzee but eh that's fine I've seen worse.
Blood color is fine, not mutant as far as I've known.
With the lusus I would prefer if you were to at least explain a little more of what you mean with it being sorta like Equius'.
Moirail is fine.
The pranking part is reminding me of John but like Gamzee's eh, it's fine, I'll let it pass.
Like the lusus please explain the symbol.
Age is a little weird but ok.
I've let a lot of things slide but I'm sorry.. With the appearance I gotta stop you and ask you to PLEASE change the jacket, pants and the shoes.... (Jacket is semi fine but the rest is a NO) Also if you have a troll OC or even a human OC DO NOT make them have anything to do with the canon characters so please change the fact that his mortal enemy is Tavros Nitram and make is that it's either an OC or none at all.
The quirk is another eh, I'd suggest you change it.
I skipped a lot of things just to be nice but yeah... 
trojanHusktop Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015
Name : Lextan Culra
Gender : Male
Race : Troll
Lusus : Fox
Sign : Gemini + Cancer
Blood Colour : Fxcksia (Aka,Karkat's blood)
God Tier : Heir of Rage
Trollian : trojanHusktop
Strife Specibi : Riflekind

Quirk : Lextan Culra doubles alll S's,no apostrophies,turns all I's into 1s,and all LL's into Y's,replaces A's with @'s,and capitalizes all O's,
Age ; 9 sweeps
Appearance : Lex has a painted face resembling Gamzee's,Eridan's cloak,a horn like Equius's unbroken one,and three horns on the right side. He wears black and white striped pants and a black shirt with his sign on the sleeves.
Sharoma Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2016
Alright, I like it!
 But the last name has to have 6 letters. The First name is fine, but you can keep Culra, but I would add a extra l, so it can still be 'Cullra'.
Alot of people get mad at people using Mutant blood, But, i really don't know that much about mutant bloods than In homestuck.

Appearance: Alright, So I have a problem with the Face Paint. So, Is your charecter a Juggalo, or is it sort of like Gamzee's or exactly. I forgot what resembling means Hehe...,, Emote bonk 
Age: 9 sweeps.. Uh.. 19.5 human years.. alright. That seems okay.
Lusus: Alright.

I don't usually judge trolls, but this one caught my eye, thank you for reading. <3
Straklo Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015
Your name is CAMAZO ALECTO, and boy do you love LIVING. Despite your rather high position on the hemocaste, you lack VIOLENT TENDENCIES typical of a PURPLE BLOODED TROLL, and your lusus is A BIT OF A WUSS. This contributes to you being PRETTY LONELY AND BORED MOST OF THE TIME, so you enjoy partaking in SUBSTANCES WHEN YOUR LUSUS ISN'T LOOKING. Your trolltag is constantly changing because you can't seem to decide on one, but as of now it's failedBreach. 

Gender: Female

Blood color: #440066


Age: 8.22 sweeps

Appearance: (couldn't get a screenshot) Horns that match her sign which is tattooed on her right arm, short hair, black tank top and purple pants.

Lusus: Giant fruit bat

Land: of Branches and Toys (LOBAT)

Title: Rogue of Void

Specibus: axekind, 2xaxekind, fistkind

Consorts: Black snakes

Totem creature: Owls

Quirk: /|\(^;,;)/|\ < inconsistent punctuation, some typso here and there, capitalizes Fs and occasionaly capitalizes for EMPHASIS. uses a lot oF acronyms.

Denizen: Khaos

Likes: sweets, horror, martial arts, other trolls, games, animals, sleeping, quiet, fruit, exploring

Dislikes: jumpscares (certain kinds), disruption, loneliness, close-minded people, laziness, bitter food
snakeCharmer3110 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Nereus Orcani ((Nereus coming from the Greek Old Man of the Sea, Orcani coming from orca.))

Age: 7 Sweeps

Appearance: Nereus's hair is jet-black, short, and slightly messy.  His outfit is a violet jacket over a black t-shirt, black pants, and violet sneakers.  His horns are the traditional curved "devil" horns.  As a sea-dweller, he also has sea-dweller's fins.  He also has incredibly sharp teeth.

Blood Caste: Violet ((Sea-dweller))

Gender: Male

Personality: Nereus is quiet, keeping to himself and tending to answer questions with a nod or a shake of his head.  He tends to only get on Trollian when there is urgent information to be relayed, or when communicating with his server player or the troll he was server player for.  However, there seems to be something off about him.  Maybe it's how he sometimes lets something slip about the taste of blood, even though he's no rainbow drinker.

Trolltag/Screen Name: deepseaDevourer [DD]

God Tier: Heir of Time

Symbol: Cetus, the sea monster.

Lusus: Seamonsterbro

Quirk: Almost all lowercase, proper punctuation, capitalizes O, since he thinks it looks like an open mouth.

Quirk Example: let's just cut tO the impOrtant stuff.

Land: Land of Monsters and Tempest ((LOMAT))

Denizen: Hephaestus.

Consorts: Turtles.

Strife Specibus: daggerkind, teethkind.
MrsScarletAkatsuki Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Name: Zezerae Orion

Age: 6.32 sweeps

Appearance: Long, black hair tied into ponytail, wears dark cloak, black short dress, black boots, long finger less leather gloves, black lips and sharp teeth

Horns: Curved but stubbed at end

Blood Color: Dark Maroon

Race: Troll (land dweller)

Gender: Female

Weapon: Spell book and wand

Personality: Violent, intimidating, scary, fun, insane

When Angry: Murders out of rage

Likes when angry: Torture and sweets

Likes: Spells, internet, extreme adventures, blood and gore/macabre, horror 

Lusus: Phoenix Dragon

God Tier: Witch of Blood

Troll Tag: DeadlyCaster (DC)

Morial: Gamzee

Typing quirks: 2=Z; 5=S; 0=O; 3=E; 1=I

Strife Specibus: ChainsawHomicide
thatseadweller Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Name: Gryphx Prymix

Age: 7.5 sweeps

Appearance: long hair that is blocked by his hoodie (the hoodie is white with stains), always has a smile, and has a syringe with a smiley face for a symbol

Horns: straights and curved on the edges

Blood Color: Cyan

Race: Troll

Gender: Male

Troll Tag: MedicalManiac (MM)

Weapon: Syringe

Personality: way to energetic, slightly sadistic, spends to much time on the internet, and happy

When Angry: throws a temper tantrum while throwing syringes

Likes: Internet, Cotton Candy, Books, and messaging friends

Likes When Angry: Faygo (he drinks Faygo to drown out his sorrows)

Lusus: αρνί (look it up)

God Tier: Rogue of space

Moiral: Aradia

Typing quirks: t=+ I/i=? C=<
AnimeGeekYUS Featured By Owner Edited Oct 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Cudiro Qutoil (Idk even know. I just got this off of a troll name generator 'cause I couldn't think of anything :P)

Age: 8.31 sweeps (About 18 human years)

Appearance: Long hair that almost reaches feet, never smiles (basically, always unamused), plain dark red t-shirt, black and grey scarf (never takes it off), black mini skirt, long black boots, bangs go over left eye, and glasses like Eridan's

Horns: Left horn is just straight and pointy while the right horn is Eridan's (Idk why, don't judge)

Blood Color: Jade

Race: Sea dweller

Gender: Female

Troll Tag: MaddeningCookie

Weapons: Scythe

Personality: Cudiro rarely shows any type of emotion at all. She rarely smiles, frowns, anything. Just a short, straight line for a mouth. But when she does show emotion, however, she's either laughing at a joke, showing a small smile, or crying. She has a lot of friends but doesn't hang around them very much because she's quite the loner. She likes to talk because there is always something on her mind, whether it's good or bad, but she doesn't. In fact, she thinks trolls who are like that are VERY annoying. So, she's quiet most of the time unless spoken directly to. Cudiro loves to write and draw, and do almost anything that requires imagination, but she doesn't show any of her work to other people (she thinks all the stuff she makes is terrible). She is also very shy when you first meet her.

When Angry: You better hide before she finds you... Basically, she's like a sober Gamzee, but worse. No joke.

Likes: To be alone, music, art, writing, food, video games, and cussing

Likes When Angry: To be alone, death, gore, screams of others, food (particularly red meats), and making others suffer greatly

Lusus: Large black dragon

God Tier: Rogue of Doom

Matesprit: Ebliri Abrack

Morial: Eridan Ampora

Typing Quirks: s/S=$ a=@ A=^ i=! b=6 B=8 v=7 o/O=0 e/E=3
Ex. $0, wht r3 w3 g0!ng t0 d0 t0dy?
Name: Jessica Heidenreich ( will hurt you if called anything else )

Age: 5.54 sweeps. (12 years)
Appearance: 5'4", Longish-medium black hair, unamused face 24/7, deep red t-shirt, dark blueish-black skinny jeans, grey canvas shoes, bangs sweep over right eye, and ALWAYS wears black jacket.

Horns: 2 horns that just go strait up and are pointy. Simple.

Blood Color: Forest Green

Race: Seadweller

Gender: Fe = Iron   Male = man So, Ironman
Troll Tag: FuckYou

Weapon: Words

Personality: Jessica shows no emotion unless forced by ones she loves. When showing emotion: She's a sassy bitch. Secretly: obsesses over any boy. even if she doesn't know the, secretly. She could talk hours on end, but doesn't because she is afraid of talkking a bit too much, as she said, she learned the hard way.

When Angry: You better fucking run.

Likes: Sleep, Music, Physics, Biology, Forensics, Chemistry, FOOD, and flipping people off.

Likes When Angered: Blood, gore, and watching others suffer ( more than usual, at least ). Lots of it, too.

Lusis: Flying Mint Bunny. JK. A giant Red Winged Blackbird.

God Tier: Nah.

Matespirit: Ryan Delmore

Morial: Surprisingly Tevros 

Quirks: Quirks annoy the shit out of her. Just. Type. Norma-fucking-ly. 
Brodway-Karkat Featured By Owner Edited Oct 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Fox (also known as Dirk) Omzerma

Age: 7 sweeps

Apearence: Short wild in her face hair, bags under her eyes, with a white shirt and gray pants, with goggles on her head

Horns: The right one is small and pointed, and the left one is small curved and pointed

Blood color: Royal Violet

Race: Seadweller

Gender: None (is famale wants to be male)

Troll Tag: UnneededUnkown

Wepon: Scaple

Personality: Bold, Caring, lothing, unpredictable, kinda loud, a bit anoying, Talks a wee to much, Book worm, movie lover, artist, cook, builder, Canable

When angry: Rage, Hate, careing for only moiral and matesprit, Unpredictable, Deadly, Canable

Likes: Books, food, Bits of other trolls, blood, games, Matesprit and Moiral

Likes when mad: Killing, Eating trolls, Matesprit and Moiral

Lusis:  Large Sea Snake

God Teir: Rouge Of Blood

Matesprit: None

Flush crush: Gamzee, Kankri, Signless, DualScar, Cronus, Karkat, Kurloz, GHB

Moiral: (trollian name) SaucyVince:0 (real name) Vincent

Quirks: I-?, z-~, o-*, V-^, A-@ 
youngshelby Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015   Artist
do you mind if I give you a review?
littlegaming122 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015  Student Artist
Name: Gelaca Zacal

age: 6 sweeps.

Appearance: Has short messy hair, has a scar on right eye, wears blood shirt and blue shoes.

blood color: Bright blue

race: seadweller

gender: female

Trolltag: FanastyWhale

weapon: scthye

personality: cheerful, happy, tomboyish, adventurous, cool, funny,

yandere personality: crazy, evil, insane, kills anyone who tries to even talk to gamzee, mean, angry,

lusus: giant whale with and X for a eye and has three tails.

likes: peace, fanasty, the ocean, blue, animals,

likes when yandere: gamzee, death, red, gore, blood,

god tier: mage of mind

matespirte: gamzee

morial: feferi

quirks: S=Z O=0 A=4 E=3 I=1
youngshelby Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015   Artist
there are 4 hings tat need to be explained
1) why are they Morials with Feferi?
2) Gamzee is kind of all redy in a Matespritship with Tavros
3) "Bright blue" like mutant Vriska or mutant Equies(how ever you spell his name)
4) a blue blood is a land dweller unless you state that they are a mutant
NekoGamerGirl Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015  Student Writer
(Not really to other people but kinda to me)
Name: Aiko Wakana (Aiko means Love Child in Japanese which means "Child Who Will be Loved" and Wakana means Harmonious Music which shows her love for music)
Age: 6.1 Solar Sweeps
Looks: Black hair in two, short, messy twin tails with messy bangs. She has one pointy horn that sticks out (right horn) and one that abruptly turns in and makes an acute angle. (left horn) She has black glasses and black hair (obviously) She has one lilac eye and one brown eye and she covers the lilac eye with her hair. She also wears a cat ear headband and a detachable cat tail. She uses the tail as a weapon and the headband hides a curled blade.
Blood color: (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Originally bronze but her lusus messed with her science experiments one day and she had an open cut that hadn't been cleaned yet and it got inside the cut and made it lilac with faint traces of bronze. (Her right eye became lilac so she covered it)
Race: Land Dweller
Gender: Female
Trollian: idioticNeko (Neko means cat in Japanese)
Strife Specibus: CatCosplayKind (Yes, that's a thing now)
Personality: Shy around certain others (She gets a gut feeling if you're capable of bad things) Bubbly, hyper, bipolar, scared of not pleasing others, insecure
Lusus: Two headed tiger, one black with orange stripes and one orange with black stripes.
God Tier: Maid of Blood
Outfit: Purple long sleeved top with a pink heart that has her sign in the middle (That I may or may not have made up) a jean skirt and pink sneakers.
IRegretNothn Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015  Student General Artist
name: Ruby Captor
age: 8 sweeps ( so 18..?)
looks black hair, blue then red eye, two stubby horns on each side of her head like sollux, wears black glasses, and black hair that cvers her eyes when shes not wearing her glasses
blood colour: Mustardblood
Race: troll land dweller
gender: female ( Ironman repy if you get this)
Lusus: big wolf with dragon wingsshe is really friendly and protective 
strife specibus: big sythe and twin guns or sythekind and gunkind 
personality: bipolar scary when needed loves looking for new things
hobies: baking, trying to controll her 
psionics with sollux and mituna, Exploring with her lusus, listing to music, skateboarding with mituna, and hacking with sollux
god tier: witch of doom
outfit: blue tank with red smilling face, black jeans and red and blue shoes 
family: the captors
feferi and her family 
sh3 typ32 l1k3 th13 or i-1 s-2 e-3 0-o
extra she has a crush on eriden and has psionics 

done not doing all of the homestuck names for things to lazy 
youngshelby Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015   Artist
[[I'll review your OC]] 
name: Ruby Captor [[ 4X6 bad, the name is 6X6 first and last, they can't have the cannon names]]

age: 8 sweeps ( so 18..?) [[you're a little off 17.33 human years here is the sweep calculator ]]
looks black hair, blue then red eye, two stubby horns on each side of her head like sollux, wears black glasses, and black hair that cvers her eyes when she's not wearing her glasses [[okay first thing first **covers]] [[everyone would know that trolls have black hair, so she's cold then hot?, Sollux doesn't have stubby horns]]
blood colour: Mustardblood [[ I don't see anything wrong with having cannon blood colors unless you're doing candy red because it's overly done]] 
Race: troll land dweller
gender: female ( Ironman repy if you get this) [[**Reply]]
Lusus: big wolf with dragon wingsshe is really friendly and protective [[**wingles she]] 
Trollian:TOOfastFORyou [[ so it would be TOOFOR]]
strife specibus: big sythe and twin guns or sythekind and gunkind 
personality: bipolar scary when needed loves looking for new things [[ so ""needed loves" I think you mean "needed, love" so it's not one sentence]]
hobies: baking, trying to controll her 
psionics with sollux and mituna, Exploring with her lusus, listing to music, skateboarding with mituna, and hacking with sollux [[ okay uh.. yeah she wouldn't be able to be on two planets at once, so pick one]]
god tier: witch of doom
outfit: blue tank with red smiling face, black jeans and red and blue shoes [[ that's too bright maybe you shouldn't make her that bright,if her symbol is a smily face it should be in her blood color not red, the tank top should be black, the shoes should be darker or black and white]]
family: the captors [[non, Elle can't have connon relationships or she'll be a mary-sue]]
feferi and her family  [[same with the family, and unless she's not in a relationship with Feferi thin there's not that much wrong with her]]
sh3 typ32 l1k3 th13 or i-1 s-2 e-3 0-o [[ so 0=O's?]]
extra she has a crush on eriden and has psionics [[**Eridan]] [[she can't have a crush on cannon characters]] 
TitanKillerSenpai Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
This examination was pretty good, but i'd just like to add that *in my opinion* having a crush on Canon characters is fine, as long as it's not a mary-sue relationship (In which the canon character is head-over-heels in love with the OC and the OC only) or an OOC relationship (In which the canon character's original personality doesn't make a good match with the OC, Ex: "A grumpy, sad, always mad and emotional OC" in a relationship with someone like Feferi, or "A hacker who loves gaming, computers, the colors red and blue, and is a mustard blood" in a relationship with someone like Sollux [In this case, the character is the exact same kind of person as the Canon character, and those relationships never work out] .)

But otherwise feel like OC x Canon shippings are fine if done right!
youngshelby Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015   Artist
okay I see what you're saying but their OC would have died as soon as they started the game because they don't magically save her 
TitanKillerSenpai Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Well, this is when the magic of an OC comes in. You are allowed to create story for your OC, which means it would be fine to allow them to play SBURB, therefore they are saved. I don't think that OC's should be limited to before SBURB and die off as soon as we hit that block, it's just not as fun. It takes away quite a bit of the fun, such as God Tiers and Aspects and overall development. There was no story before the game, really, so if we were to make an OC based off of no story, they would be boring, no?
youngshelby Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015   Artist
okay I'm kind of lost but from what I'm understanding you're saying that if the OC had the relationships befor the game that's fine? yes? if that's the case then I don't see why they can't have a relationship before the game other than the fact that they were to young to have a relationship. but if that's not what you're saying like if you're saying that a character can be magically saved so they are in the game
TitanKillerSenpai Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
To put this simply, it is within my judgement that an OC can play SBURB. Yes, everyone dies except for those in the game. Therefore, we can say that an OC can be alive along with the other trolls playing SBURB if the creator wants them to. It is not in Discussion whether or not an OC is allowed to play SBURB in their session or not. If they are in a relationship prior, fine. They will enter SBURB. If they are "friends", fine. They will enter SBURB. If the creator decides to have the troll play in their SBURB session, the troll will live (or die) according to the story of their OC. And whether or not they are Matesprits with a troll isn't important when talking about whether or not they will play that SBURB session and live along with the other 12 twelve trolls.
youngshelby Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015   Artist
uh okay I'm actually starting to have a hard time understanding what you're saying but what I understand is you're saying it's okay for an OC to have relationships with Canon characters which I don't mined but most of the OC X Canon parings I've seen make the Canon characters OOC so that's where I draw the line
IRegretNothn Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Student General Artist
kay i'll make the corection thing but i'm going to use the same charecter for my fanfic but ill fix the corections
youngshelby Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015   Artist
okay I just thought you'd like constructive criticism
Name: Atreus Doreen
Age: 8.5 sweeps
Blood colour: Ivy
Species: Troll, land dweller
Gender: Female
Strife specibus: Fistkind and Daggerkind
Lusus: A griffin with 4 eyes
Trollian: calmingChemist (cC)
Interests: Chemistry, Exploring with her lusus, studying theories and mythology, pointing out people's mistakes (which can get pretty annoying for some), listening to calming music
Personality: Pretty silent and tends to stay out of the way, but she is quite fun around people she is comfortable with. Very calm.
God tier: Witch of Void
Symbols: The astrological symbol for a lyre called 'The Lyra'
Matesprite: none. Moirail: none. Aupistice: none. Kismesis: My other OC, navyblooded
Outfit: Glasses with green transparent lenses, black shirt, grey sleeveless jacket, ivy-coloured skirt, black brogue shoes
Hair: Long messy hair that reaches her elbows, her fringe covers a bit of her left cheek
owodoomkitty Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Student Digital Artist
cool o3o/
Victorian-TiMePuNk Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Meteria Bolsuka
Age: 8.77 sweeps (19 human years)
Title: The Vertuous (french for virtuous or a woman of character/chaste/having high morals)
Lusus: A Giant Bird (looks like a phoenix)
Species: Troll/Techincally Seaweller
Strife Specibus: Scissorkind
Blood Color: Fuschia/Rainbow
Personality: quite a mixture of trait-Tempermental, Nurturing, Introvert, and Intelligent, Serious
Fun things-Loves reading Alternia Mythology and legends, Training to help heal the wounded and hopefully serve the mother grub.
TrollTag- IronicAltruist
Others-flushed for no one, she has a title to uphold.

Outfit: she doesn't wear the same outfit but one of her favs is knee-high boots, a skirt like feferi (but in pink and black), and she wears a short dress as a top/shirt (dark red),She also wears a grey/white scarf while she wears glasses. Her hair is also extremely long and needs to be taken care of.

Special talent: Healing small wounds and having great charisma
Fun Fact-Like Cronus, She prefers to avoid the sea until needed and she refuses the throne, making feferi assume it.
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Um hi

Your troll can not have White blood as it would be classed as a mary sue

also that it is impossible for a troll to have white blood
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I know but I just really like the color white
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Well I'd suggest you change the blood colour of your troll.
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